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This New Year's Eve I decided not to move far away from home and for a couple of days visit one of the many art cities that are located in our beautiful country, so I have decided to visit Verona.
This was my last stop during the Bavarian motorcycle tour this summer, but as I wasn't able to visit the city on that occasion due to the high temperatures and tiredness, I came back with much colder temperatures to recover.
Verona is known for being the place where one of the most famous and most celebrated tragedies, Romeo and Juliet, composed by William Shakespeare between 1594 and 1596, takes place. Due to the immense love felt by the two characters of the drama, so strong and intense that they cannot live one without the other, Verona is also known as the city of love.
In the gallery below are some of the photos taken during the last days of the year of this beautiful town and its unique views and landscapes.

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